We felt you delivered the course amazingly and showed us the traits needed order to be effective. You are an absolutely fantastic role model.

Lincolnshire County Council

Fantastic, really, really helpful.

North Lincolnshire School

Hayley is brilliant and has helped me so much.

11-year-old girl

I’ve got my daughter back.


I learnt we have a lot to be grateful for and there are different ways to control anger.

13-year-old boy

I learnt how to deal with panic attacks, I now sleep longer and can relax.

14-year-old girl

When we first started yoga we thought it would be embarrassing, but we get to mess about in a creative way and learn things like breathing to calm down.

14-year-old boy

Feedback regarding training

Thank you for the opportunity myself and my workers had yesterday, attending the Mindfulness training.

Prior to the day I was unsure what to expect in regards to my own views and experience in mindfulness. It isn’t something I have done before per say, although there are lots of other things my team and I use.

We all found today extremely beneficial and really enjoyed it.

We felt you delivered the course amazingly and actually showed us the traits needed in order for it to be effective. You are an Absolutely fantastic role model to those of us who will be delivering. Great mixture of theory and practical enabling us to understand why and how we can use it.

Thank you again!!!

Lincolnshire County Council

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the training.

I found it enlightening, informative, enjoyable and very relaxing. I find myself finding things to be grateful for each day! I feel I gained so much from the training. It didn’t feel like 3 hours and I could easily have stayed for another hour!

Your presentation of the training and lovely approachable manner made it all the more enjoyable.

I personally found the course extremely interesting and relevant to home life, it was fun, informative and enlightening.

I went home on Monday evening feeling grateful that I attended!

Thank you so much for the training, took a lot from it and really enjoyed the session.

Castledyke Primary School

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