Wellbeing 1st Provision

Wellbeing 1st is a day provision for children and young people who are struggling to attend education due to their Mental Health. We focus purely on promoting their Wellbeing and improving their Mental Health, by following a program consisting of evidence-based support.

1-1 Support

Research continues to rise evidencing that nature has benefits for both physical and psychological well­being.
Time in nature improves mental health and our cognition.
Nature improves attention, lowers stress, improves mood, reduces mental health issues, improves empathy and improves happiness.
Nature also calms our busy brains. Research has found that being exposed to natural environments improves working memory, cognitive flexibility and attentional control.

1-1 Support

Within this setting young people will be able to utilise the outdoor space, allowing walks to the woods onsite and around the land. Each young person will take part in a structured programme which will not only educate them around what can affect their mental health, it will teach them effective coping strategies, healthy techniques and skills.

Young people are able to attend the provision for as little as 1 hour per day for 1-1 sessions or just a morning or afternoon. We are flexible in our approach to suit the needs of the young person. We can tailor mornings and afternoons to focus on specific issues if we have a group attending who have similar needs.

Our program is run by qualified therapists.

Improving self-esteem, confidence, reducing anxiety and depression.

A Typical Day

What you could expect a typical day to consist of:

  • Creative Yoga, Relaxation and Meditations
  • Mindfulness Activities
  • Walks to the woods
  • Sports/Exercise
  • Emotional Regulation Education
  • Walks around the farm
  • Anxiety and Depression Groups
  • Yoga in the outdoors
  • Arts, Crafts and Creativity
  • 1-1 Therapeutic Sessions
  • Mindfulness activities using items collected in the outdoors

Schools can purchase contracts termly or yearly, at a reduced rate. Due to the level of therapeutic support provided, spaces are limited. We are not Ofsted registered due to length of time the young people spend with us, and the support they receive.

We do not focus on their academic achievements; we focus purely on their Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health so that young people are able to integrate back into school and achieve in school.

Contact Us

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07753 336234

No. 4 The Stables, Northorpe Grange Farm, Gainsborough DN21 4AR